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Chairs, especially traditional and reclining chairs with deep cushions, are favorite furniture pieces. The furniture is so popular that television shows like All In The Family and Frasier set aside an old comfy chair for a star of their show. Everyone familiar with Archie Bunker knew not to sit in his lounge chair. It was as if the chair was a part of Archie.

A similar thing happens in real life families when fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts and grandparents find a chair so comfortable and inviting that it's the first place they head to when they return home from work or an out-of-town excursion. Clearly, choosing the perfect chair can have a long lasting impact.

Choosing the right chair

For years, chair choices were limited to mainly lounge and rocking chairs. Then, out came arm less chairs. You may see these chairs in company cafes or recreation areas. Arm less chairs are built like modern kitchen chairs, except their spines tend to be wider.

Arm less, accent chairs work well in tight spaces. They also fit easily into corners. Accent chairs also come with arms, offering a more traditional look and feel. Where accent chairs differ from older chairs is in their design.

Colors that accent chairs are made in tend to be more distinctive and modern as well. You can save money with an arm less accent chair. But, you generally won't yield cost savings if you get one of these stylish chairs with arms. Other chair types that are on the market include:

  • Easy chair
  • Egg chair
  • Club chair
  • Chesterfield chair
  • Skirted chair
  • Folding chair
  • Ottoman
  • Slumber chair
  • Sweetheart chair
  • Parlor chair

Important features to consider when selecting the perfect chair

In addition to selecting the perfect chair type, when furnishing your living room, den or bedroom, think about the fabric and cushion depth that you want in a chair. Also, decide if you want a hard or a soft back. As an example, parlor chairs are often built with wood or metal backs.

Depending on where you plan to place a chair in your house, it may be especially important to measure the width, length and height of the area where you want to put the chair. If you live in a small space, a chair might be great but turn out to be too big.

To ensure that a chair offers ample support, consider shopping for a chair in person. Sit in four or more chairs before you make a final decision. Should you order a chair over the Internet, pay attention to the chair's measurements and read reviews about the chair.

Find out if the chair has to be assembled. Many online reviews post how long it takes to assemble a chair and how easy or difficult the assembly was. If you want a chair that you can assemble in 10 minutes or less, opt for a chair that only requires you to attach the legs.

Add more design to a chair by placing one or more throw pillows in the chairs corners. Take your time selecting the perfect chair, as the price of a chair is not much less than what you'd pay for a love seat or sofa.